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Essential Check-List

Before arrival for Home Boarding with My Animal Sitter, the Owner agrees to the following:

1. Veterinary Practice
The Owner will inform their own vet of the dates their pet will be staying with My Animal Sitter and will authorise the exchange of medical information. The Owner must also ensure that they have authorised that, should any charges be incurred, they will be placed upon their own account.

2. Dog Food
The Owner will supply sufficient food for the period of their pet’s stay.

3. Bed or Blanket
For the comfort and well-being of their pet, the Owner will supply their pet’s own blanket or bed.

4. General Health
Owners should monitor their pet closely for a minimum period of 48 hours prior to being dropped-off at My Animal Sitter’s Home Boarding Service commencing, and We must be notified if any signs of illness or injury are displayed. We may, at our discretion, cancel the service.

5. Punctuality
All clients are asked to be punctual when given an arrival and departure time.

6. Contact
Please make a note of  telephone contact details for My Animal Sitter: 01869 347210 or 07770 866334.

Terms & Conditions for Home Boarding – The Small Print

The Pet Owner’s Undertaking
The Owner of the pet hereby agrees and undertakes with, and warrants to My Animal Sitter:

  • That their pets have not been exposed to rabies or distemper within the period of 30 days prior to this agreement and have been inoculated against distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, Bordetella (kennel cough), parvovirus and such inoculations remain effective for the duration of the period the pets are with us. A valid and current vaccination certificate must be supplied at the point of boarding drop-off. Failure to meet this requirement will mean that the pet cannot be left for Home Boarding.  Dogs must be appropriately treated for external and internal parasites, details of treatment administered is to be provided, along with dates of treatment.
  • That any dog showing signs of a potentially contagious disease/illness, including kennel cough and stomach upsets at the time of drop-off will be refused boarding
    That they will declare any history of veterinary or behavioural problems that could reoccur whilst boarding and draw attention to any problems your pets may have – the more information we have the more settled they will be.
  • That there are no other material facts which have not been disclosed to My Animal Sitter and which, if disclosed, might reasonably be expected to affect the decision of My Animal Sitter to enter into this agreement.
  • That My Animal Sitter may engage the services of a veterinary surgeon and authorize said veterinary surgeon to carry out any such treatment as required to treat the Owner’s pets. If the Owner’s veterinary surgeon is within a reasonable travelling distance we will endeavour to contact them, however we reserve the right to consult our own veterinary surgeon if this is not possible. Every reasonable attempt will be made to contact the Owner prior to such treatment and all costs will be paid directly to the Vet by the Owner.
  • The Owner will collect their pets promptly at the ending of the boarding period and, at that time, pay any outstanding charges incurred during the boarding period.
  • All pets should arrive with their own bedding and food for the duration of their stay.

My Animal Sitter’s Undertaking:
My Animal Sitter hereby undertakes with the Owner to take all reasonable care of the Owner’s pets during the period of boarding on our premises.

  • My Animal Sitter is insured in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of its insurance policy.  It will not accept any liability for loss, injury or the death of an Owner’s pets unless (and only to the extent that) such loss, injury or death is recoverable under the terms of our insurance policy.
  • To make immediate contact with the Owner, or the Owner’s designated contact, in the event of any problems associated with your pets stay with us..

No dogs registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and no hybrids registered under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 can be boarded.

Forms & Documents
Either during the process of a trial visit, or at the point of drop-off, or at a time most convenient to both Parties, the owner shall be required to complete a Booking Form and a Veterinary Release Form.

This Booking Form shall include all the essential details about the pet, such as name, breed, age, sex, vaccination status, general health, behavioural traits, feeding routines and preferences, habits and allergies. In addition, the Owner shall provide full contact details and agree to these Terms & Conditions. The  Veterinary Release Form requires the Owner to complete their full contact details, identify their own Veterinary Practice, and authorises My Animal Sitter to act as Guardian of the Owner’s pet during its stay, and to take whatever action is deemed necessary to protect and safeguard the pet during that period. 

Charges and Payment:
Costs are charged per night, per pet boarding. Current nightly charges will be provided on enquiry. Nightly charge equates to a 24 hour period.  A late collection fee may apply in circumstances when the 24 hours is exceeded.
A premium rate will be applied to all bookings during the Christmas and New Year period (applicable dates upon application).
Deposit: A 25% non-refundable deposit will be required for all bookings taken.  A 50% non-refundable deposit will be applied to all bookings taken where the premium rate applies. The balance is to be paid at drop-off.
For bookings confirmed within 7 days of the boarding period, the full balance is payable at the time of booking.

Cancellation within 14 days of a confirmed booking will be subject to payment of the full outstanding balance for the cancelled boarding period. Failure to bring your dog for the boarding period will be classed as a cancellation within the 7 day period and the full outstanding balance will be due.
Reduced Boarding Period:  If your dog is collected before the confirmed end date of the boarding period no refund will be due.

Owners expressly waive and relinquish any claims against My Animal Sitter except those arising from proven negligence on the part of My Animal Sitter.
In accordance with the Control of Dogs Act 1992, all dogs will be provided with an ID tag bearing the name, address and telephone number of My Animal Sitter which will be worn by the pet for the duration of the boarding period.
The Owner gives permission for any photographs or video of their pet taken by My Animal Sitter to be used on social media, the official My Animal Sitter website and any other literature deemed appropriate by My Animal Sitter for no charge. If you do NOT wish to consent to this please notify My Animal Sitter in writing at the time of booking.

Owner’s failure to collect:
In the event of failure by the Owner to collect their pets from My Animal Sitter on the due date unless an extension has been mutually agreed, we reserve the right to re-home the Owner’s pet by any reasonable means.

My Animal Sitter is Fully Licensed

My Animal Sitter was the first establishment to be fully licensed for Home Boarding by Cherwell District Council, Number HOM0052. What does this mean for your pet?

  • A licensed Home Boarding businesses must provide a suitable environment for the accommodation of your pet during its stay. Your dog’s health and behaviour must also be monitored throughout the period of that stay, and comprehensive records need to be kept.
  • Your dog must be accommodated actually within the home and, if necessary, have their own room where they can be kept separate from other dogs. The nature of these rooms is strictly enforced and cannot, for example, include conservatories, garages or cellars. Neither can these rooms be outside the normal boundaries of the property, such as in garages or sheds, balconies or other out-door structures. Indeed, they must constitute part of the actual home of the Home Boarder.
  • Pets staying for Home Boarding must be exercised at least once daily, and as appropriate for their age and health. Those staying with My Animal Sitter will have access to oursecluded, secure and private garden.